The Arctic Club,
a National Trust Historic Hotel

Somewhere in Time,

2019 Fall Event:

SITU Turns 40!

Fashion, Fripperies, and Fun

Saturday, November 30, 2019

1 pm - 4 pm

The fashionable crowd from early Seattle gathered at the historic Arctic Club!  The elegant members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited celebrated their forty years of time-travel in historical costumes.  

Some fraternal orders meet to socialize and do good works.  The members of the Arctic Club are made of stronger stuff.  They are the adventurers who went to Alaska for the Gold Rush.  They are the bold businessmen who moved retail from Pioneer Square up to 4th and 5th Avenue.  They are the women who came around the Horn to meet men, to live independent lives from those back East.  They are the Upstarts, the Brash, the Explorers, the Entrepreneurs, the Seattle Elite…  Aren’t you one of them?

Somewhere in Time, Unlimited Members arrived in fashionable daytime finery to enjoy an autumn Luncheon Tea, enjoying the beautiful Beaux Arts architecture; and, the tales of historic daring-do that are celebrated on the walls, the adventures of wild women and outrageous men, some of which are even true.

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Prior to 1 pm, early arrivals met and mingled at the Polar Bear Lounge, located just off the lobby/main entry of the hotel. 

At 1 pm, we were escorted upstairs to the elegant South Dome Room for the Festivities! 

Here, we enjoyed the tasty tea service in lovely surroundings, perused displays set up on tables from our previous events, and then we celebrated our memories of SITU’s 40 years of Events, Classes, Dress-up Opportunities and Camaraderie. 

Details of The Day:


Gluten-free option

Stir-fry Vegetables over Polenta

Fruit Skewers with Yogurt Dipping Sauce

Chocolate and Strawberry Pin-stripped Marshmallows

Liquid Refreshments
Assorted Teas


Soft Drinks

Luncheon Tea

Assorted Tea Sandwiches:

  • Cream cheese, fresh dill, cucumber on rye bread 
  • Tandoori chicken salad on whole wheat bread 
  • Salmon Mousse on rosemary bread 
  • Turkey, brie and fig on focaccia bread 

Fruit Skewers with Yogurt Dipping Sauce

Petit Fours


SITU Retrospective, including:

  • Stories & Anecdotes
  • Member costume & accessories displays
  • Memorabilia displays

Founded in 1979, SITU has produced historically themed events and costuming opportunities ranging throughout time from the 1550s to the 1950s. The term “Unlimited” was incorporated into the group’s name to emphasize that its activities would include a wide range of periods. 


The afternoon included some group history from founding ladies and gentlemen and remarks from many members about favorite events, experiences and numerous humorous moments as calamities such as costume disasters were recalled. It was most clear that a key factor in the longevity of the group has been the fellowship and enjoyment of common interests in a supportive atmosphere

Thanks to all who celebrated 40 Years of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited!

“Thank you for attending our Event!” 

Lady Victoria of Essex,  SITU President 

Thank you for visiting our website.

We hope you have decided to join us in 2020 for Events, Dress-up Opportunities, and SITU University education!

Until we meet again….


Updated February 10, 2020

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