SITU University

is pleased to present:

"Crowning Glories"

An Edwardian Hat and Hair Workshop

for Fashionable Ladies

Sat & Sun, November 16 & 17, 2019

In this two-day workshop we will cover the basic tools and techniques for Edwardian hairstyles, from products and hairpins to rats and false hairpieces. Learn to make your own hair or your wig into a glorious, artistic “Gibson Girl” style. 


We will also learn to create the grand hats of the late Edwardian age, especially the Merry Widow style. Whether you start with a thrift store find or a buckram and wire frame, you will be able to transform it into a millinery creation! 


We’ll have time for fun, too: potluck lunches, group photos at the end of each day, and a Show and Tell time on Sunday.


Our Guest Instructors

from The Edwardian Society of Oregon

Lisa Marie Sample: Edwardian Hair 101

Lisa discovered historic costuming in her home state of Michigan at Renaissance fairs and then the SCA. James Cameron’s film “The Titanic” sparked a love for the Edwardian era, which led to her first Edwardian ensemble in 2012. Lisa is a founding member of the Edwardian Society of Oregon, where she continues to improve her wardrobe and her impression every year. She is blessed with thick, textured hair, and she has mastered the subtleties of those sweeping, artistic hair styles.

Marietta A.F. Greene: Wigs and Hairpieces

Marietta… she of the not exactly historically accurate hair color (it is currently a cute bob in rose pink) comes from a theatre background in the Mid-Atlantic states. While running wardrobe, she found herself on wig maintenance duty. Frustrated with her own hair styling (because it is hard to see the back) or other humans’, she learned that you can stick pins in the wig heads and that they don’t yell back! Her goal is to find affordable and practical ways to achieve historic hair styles using traditional and theatrical methods. She will share tips and hints and outright hacks so you can add luxurious hair to your own Edwardian look.


Kay Demlow: Millinery Magic

Kay learned to sew long ago in Ohio, where she was surrounded by old houses and stories of the past. She combines her love of history and dressmaking in her business, Lavender’s Green Historic Clothing. She copes with her fine, thin hair by using styling techniques, hair pieces, and hats! As a necessity, she has taught herself the art of traditional millinery, using original publications, vintage hats, and experimentation. She is a founder of the Edwardian Society of Oregon, where she shares her love of the styles and culture with our members and friends.

Join us for a weekend of fun and learning!


Date & Time:

Saturday & Sunday, November 16 & 17, 2019

10 am – 5 pm each day
(Doors open at 9:30 am)


Bellevue – Address & directions will be emailed to registrants


  • SITU Membership is required.
  • If you are NOT a present SITU Member, scroll down to
    Become a New Member and then pay for the workshop.
  • Attendance is limited.



  • Hairpieces or wigs you may have
  • Styrofoam or wig head, and a wig clamp, if you have them
    (If you want to purchase hairpieces, email Treasurer for information)
    Treasurer “at” SITUSeattle “dot” com
  • List of styling tools & products will be furnished upon registration
  • Hats (1 or 2 to decorate)
  • Ribbon, fabric, feathers, brooches, flowers, etc.
  • Pictures of hats that you like, or after which you would like to model your hat
  • Basic sewing kit:
    1.  Needles
    2.  Thread to match your embellishments
    3.  Thimble
    4.  Scissors for fabric or ribbon
    5.  Scissors for wire or other materials
  • Potluck item to share for lunch (Saturday & Sunday)
  • SITU will provide tea, coffee, and water

As we live in the Seattle area, we are at the mercy of weather conditions.  Should inclement weather necessitate Event cancellation, we will reschedule.  Tickets for SITU activities are non-refundable, however, may be transferable.  Purchaser is responsible for finding replacement; SITU will attempt to assist, as possible.

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We hope you have decided to join us for our SITU-U Edwardian Hair & Hats Workshop!


Should you have any questions, please email:
Treasurer “at”

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Updated:  November 23, 2019