Somewhere in Time, Unlimited presents:

Railway Antiquing Adventure

June 22, 2024

King Street Station, Seattle, WA

Short Time Window to Make Reservations!!

Payment Required by March 31, 2024

See below for details

This is the long-awaited train trip first planned for 2020!

“Woo-Woo!” Can you hear that train rumbling down the track?

By special arrangement, SITU has negotiated a group rail fare via Amtrak this May! Won't you come along?

We will depart as a group from Seattle's historical King Street Station aboard the southbound train headed for Centralia, WA. There is antique shopping to be done this day! For refreshment, there are a variety of local restaurants very nearby the shopping district. All are encouraged to wear their favorite Victorian or Edwardian attire for the day's outing. Be sure to wear appropriate shoes so that your feet will be comfortable walking or standing. Purchases made, we will reboard the train for our ride back to Seattle. All aboard?!?

The Details:


Saturday, June 22, 2024


From Seattle, WA via Amtrak Train to Centralia, WA. 

We return in the evening via train to Seattle, WA from this day trip excursion.


You must meet up with our group at the station at 9:00 am!

Departing – Train leaves Seattle at 9:50 am

Arriving Centralia at 11:40 am


You must meet up with our group at the Centralia Station at 4:50 pm!

Departing – Train leaves Centralia at 5:36 pm
Arriving Seattle at 7:51 pm

What to wear:

Choose Victorian or Edwardian attire, whichever you prefer. (No bustles please.)  If you don’t have a costume already, SITU asks you dress “evocative of the era”.  Looking for ideas?  Feel free to reach out to our Outing Planners:

LadyPamela “at” CostumingInSeattle “dot” com


Treasurer “at”  “CostumingInSeattle “dot” com

Most important:  Please dress considering weather conditions.  Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes!

Who is going:

Both Members and Non-Members are welcome to participate in this Outing.  Ideal for those located in the general Seattle/Bellevue/Tacoma region, who can transport themselves to King Street Station.

We invite the Edwardian Society Members from Portland, OR to join us in Centralia.

What are the activities:

  • Centralia is well known for the many, many antique and thrift stores within 4 blocks of the rail station.
  • Our intent is to visit as many shops as people would like.  Feel free to use the map handout for a self-guided shopping adventure. Shop alone, or with a friend, and enjoy your afternoon.

  • There are also a number of eateries nearby, including the famous McMenamin’s “Olympic Club” restaurant.  SITU is NOT organizing a group rate luncheon nor a planned time to dine.  Everyone is free to eat when and where they wish, and with whom.  

What is the cost:

At this time, the price is $50.00* ROUND TRIP fpr MEMBERS.  $55.00* for NON-Members. *Subject to change by Amtrak if not confirmed/purchased.

In order to guarantee this amount, SITU must confirm at least 15 paid passengers by 2 pm on Sunday, March 31, 2024.

For more information please contact Lady Paisley via telephone:

2 oh 6 – 6 oh 1 – 2 nine 4 ate

Special needs travelers:

According to Amtrak, if you have mobility issues and travel using a wheelchair or scooter, there is NO additional cost to bring it aboard!  You and your traveling companion may be seated on the main floor of the coach so you don’t need to climb stairs.  Wheelchairs and scooters will be secured during travel for safety.  Be sure to arrive well in advance for boarding accommodation.

VERY limited accommodation is available, so sign up quickly if you have special needs!

Reservation process:

  • Use the PayPal button provided below;
  • SITU will hold the funds until we have gathered at least 15 participants;
  • Should we NOT be able to meet the minimum requirement, your ticket amount will be returned to you by SITU.

Outside of Seattle:

All passengers MUST originate in Seattle at the King Street Station to obtain the special rate.  For those who wish to originate out of Tacoma or elsewhere, you will need to purchase your own full-fare ticket reservation directly from Amtrak.

Again, the special fare originates ONLY out of Seattle, and is the ONLY way to be guaranteed being seated with the group.

Payment due:

Full payment is due by 2pm on Sunday, March 31, 2024

Info Req'd by Amtrak:

PayPal Method:

2024_Railway Antiquing Adventure - # of Reservations

Name/s of participant/s


FINANCIAL queries:

Treasurer “at” CostumingInSeattle “dot” com


EXCURSION queries:

LadyPamela “at” CostumingInSeattle “dot” com

SITU Event & Ticket Policy - 2024


Refunds for SITU activities cannot be made, however, tickets may be transferable.  

Purchasing tickets to SITU events and activities is the same as buying tickets to the Theatre, Opera, etc.

Any transfer of tickets must be coordinated with the Treasurer.

If you have purchased tickets to a SITU activity and are unable to attend,

please contact the Treasurer for further information.

Treasurer “at” 

Thank you for your interest!

We hope you will consider joining in our merry excursion on June 22, 2024. 

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

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Updated: March 11, 2024