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If you HAVE  been a SITU member in 2023, you are a “Renewing” or “Returning Member.”

Please scroll past the online form and use the PayPal button below to renew your membership for 2024. You can also send your personal check as described below.

If you were NOT a registered member in the last 2 years,

please update our records with your most recent contact information by using our handy online "Reurning Member" Form (found next)....

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Somewhere in Time, Unlimited, (SITU) is a social and educational organization in which members and guests participate at their own risk.  Activities, such as dancing or games, involve physical movement which can result in injury.  Often, food is prepared in home kitchens.  Board members are volunteers who serve without compensation.  SITU has no assets beyond a modest bank account.  Anyone who participates in events organized by SITU members does so accepting responsibility for their own well being, and holds board members and event producers harmless for any injury or accident that may occur.


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If you are paying by personal check, make your check for $20 payable to Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (SITU), put “SITU 2024 Dues” in the memo line of the check & mail your check to:


PO Box 16411

Seattle, WA 98116

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Updated: November 27, 2023