Costuming in Seattle

(An Historical Costuming Club)

15_Strawberry Festival

Certain Members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (a historical costuming group) participated in a Dress-up Opportunity on Vashon Island, WA.

The MV Lotus, a 1909 historical motor vessel from Seattle, had been invited to participate in the annual parade.  Since Lotus exceeds 90 feet in length, another wooden Chris Craft boat on a trailer was entered into the actual parade.  SITU Members and Docents of the MV Lotus distributed invitations along the parade route  MV Lotus could be viewed at the Quartermaster Harbor Yacht Club.

The weekend was wildly successful with over 1500 visitors boarding Lotus for a tour!  Below are images captured that day.  Click on the image itself to view a description of the scene.