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Costuming 2021

* Dress-Up Opportunity

All British Field Meet

Sat 08/21/21  |  10 a,

Lady Victoria Presents:  All British Field Meet!  

More details HERE.

* Get Together - Zoom Meeting

Let's Share Notes: Post Coco 2021 Debrief

Fri 08/13/21  |  7 pm

Costume College 2021 will be virtual (as it was in 2020). SITU members who attend are being welcomed to talk about their 2021 experiences, impressions, favorite classes, etc. Let’s get together and share with one another, and also with members who may not have been able to attend. We want to hear from you!

* Design Studio - Zoom Meeting

Costuming for Beginners

Instructor:  Patty Teubner

Fri 07/23/21  |  7 – 10 pm

Want to get started costuming, or revisit ideas for getting your costuming wardrobe together? This is the class for you! 

Whether you sew or not, Patty will have ideas and information to help you put together historical looks so you can “Step out in Style”! You’ll learn how to focus on the details that transform an outfit to be “period appropriate”, and where to find resources for what you need….fabric, patterns, accessories, etc.

If you are a SITU Member, anticipate seeing an email soon with further details & registration.

* Get Together - Zoom Meeting


Fri 07/16/21  |  7 pm

More information coming soom…

* Dress-Up Opportunity

Independence Day Weekend

Sat 07/03/21  |  TBD

Lady Victoria Presents:  Celebration of Independence Day Weekend!  The costuming theme is 18th century attire.

More details found HERE!

* Dress-Up Opportunity

Queen Elizabeth's Birthday!

Wed 06/12/21  |  TBD

Lady Victoria Presents:  Celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday!

More details HERE.

* Design Studio - Zoom Meeting

Show & Tell

Wed 06/09/21  |  7 pm

Join us for an evening of “Show & Tell”! This is your chance to show us what you have been working on, ask questions about garments, or share interesting information (costuming-related) that could be of interest to other costumers. We ask that everyone be considerate about making sure that each person who would like to share has a chance to talk and/or share. We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing from you!

Stay tuned for further details, an email, and how to register…

* Get Together - Zoom Meeting

We Meet Again: Reconnecting with Members and Friends

Fri 05/28/21  |  7 pm

It’s been a moment….or, more accurately, it’s been a year! It seems like we have not seen each other in “forever”!  Let’s get together and chat about whatever is on your costuming mind….how you’ve been getting through this pandemic period, what you’ve been working on or learning, what you’re looking forward to, how you’re feeling about getting out and about (or not!). We are looking to start the conversation about 2021 and what lies ahead! Please join us!

Please check your email from SITUNotices for the invitation, or register via:

Updated:  June 8, 2021