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17_Day in The Country – Victorian/Edwardian Style

The Members and friends of the historical costuming club, Somewhere in Time, Unlimited gathered for their annual Spring Event, garbed in Victorian dress!  This year’s theme was “A Day in The Country, Victorian Edwardian Style!”  It was held at the lovely Victorian home of Uncles Don and George, located on Fir Island in the beautiful Skagit County of Washington State.

The day began with everyone meeting up at a local antiques mall called “The Red Door” in the town of Mt. Vernon.  After  a fair amount of coins were passed across the counter to the sales clerks, participants left the store with a number of beautifully wrapped packages of brown bundles.

Next stop? That was in the small town of Conway, WA at the delightful store called “Ella Bella’s,” another small “mall” of vintage and antique finds.  Here, one could see yards of ribbons being measured and cut, cards of buttons being quantified for the next sewing project, all while the rest of the shoppers perused the offerings of the store.  Some lucky folks even squeezed time to dash across the street and shop at “Curious Goods” which offered teacups to large furniture.

As our luncheon at the home of Uncles Don and George was scheduled to begin at precisely 1pm, participants bundled themselves into various carriages of transportation to arrive in time.  We had worked up quite an appetite indeed!

Our lunch consisted of a wide variety of delicacies:  sliced ham, salads, fresh baked dinner rolls, salmon and bagels, pilaf rife and wonderful desserts which included mango loaf and an assortment of gluten free deliciousness.  Even bottles of wine and champagne were being shared. The table groaned under the weight of the offerings!

Everyone spent a long afternoon of chatting together, laughing about the pets in their family, discussing about the next gathering in Tumwater, in a few weeks’ time.

All too soon, it was time for us to pack up and return to our homes, many miles away, from whence we came.  We hugged, then waved a fond farewell to the Uncles Don and George.  We look forward to visiting with them once more.  Many thanks for sharing their home, their time, their efforts to prepare the home so beautifully for our arrival, and the “Gemutlichkeit” we all enjoyed!  Until next time….

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Updated May 14, 2017