Costuming in Seattle

(An Historical Costuming Club)

Croquet in The Park Invitation

Lady Victoria of Essex
invites you to

“Come play croquet in the park!”

Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018

Noon ’till…..?

Croquet in The Park

The Summer of 2018 has been long and hot!  We are all hoping for cooler temps to welcome in September.

With this in mind, Lady Victoria would like to invite SITU Members and Friends to an impromptu afternoon outing, Bring your picnic lunch and accoutrement to a neighborhood in North Seattle this September 8th – weather dependent, of course….

A joyful game of croquet or bocce will be available for those so inclined.  Lingering over an iced (or a warming) drink to engage in a discussion with friends about Summertime activities or upcoming SITU Events, is always encouraged!


  • Sandel Park
  • Corner of N 92nd and 2nd NW
    Just north of Taproot Theatre
  • Restrooms in the park
  • Flat neighborhood park
  • On-street parking in the neighborhood
  • Easy access from I-5, Aurora Ave N, 15th NW or 3rd NW


Saturday, September 8th, high noon-ish. 
We all understand Seattle Traffic, so timeliness won’t count!

If you arrive early, set up where space is available.  Lady V suggests closer to the restrooms (north section) perhaps in the shade of the trees (on the west side).

You can drop in and out as your schedule allows.  If everyone is gone by 2pm, that’s fine.  If we wish to hang out until late afternoon, that is also fine!


Come in any era you enjoy! Historical attire will be admired but not required.  If you are new to historical costuming, it’s too hot to dress up, or you are testing out if you enjoy our group, then come in contemporary garments.  (No jeans please.)


  • Your usual picnic hamper
  • Food you wish to consume.  If you wish to share a potluck item, that’s great.
  • Plate, fork, knife, drink container, cloth napkin, (supplies).  Just remember no plastic items and everything we use needs to be hauled out in the end.
  • Table, chair, blanket on which to rest and eat
  • A sense of fun!


FREE!  SITU is not reserving the park space, nor is this an official SITU Event.  This is a gathering of friends in a city park.  No one is accepting responsibility for the safety or wellbeing of participants.  You are attending of your own free will.


It would be nice to know how many people plan to come and we can keep an eye open to see you when you arrive!

Please let Lady Victoria know of your interest.  She will let you know if plans change due to weather conditions.  Be sure to include your phone number if you are new to SITU or have not attended in a while.

“Looking forward to playing croquet and bocce with you this Autumn!
See you soon….”  Lady Victoria

Updated: August 6, 2018