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Sherlockian Invitation

1916 Movie

Sherlock Holmes
Film Premiere
& Luncheon

Saturday, April 27, 2019
9 am – 12 pm  Film
1 pm –   3 pm  Luncheon

Enjoy a private screening of the 1916 silent film “Sherlock Holmes”. Starring William Gillette, America’s pre-eminent stage actor and playwright, this film has a fascinating history that rivals the Sherlock Holmes stories themselves. In fact, William Gillette is responsible for introducing the costume we associate with Holmes, especially the deerstalker hat and the calabash pipe.

Once thought lost, the film was re-discovered in 2014 and re-mastered. Hear the film’s intriguing story, view the film, and then join us for a post-film luncheon at Gillette’s sumptuous home.

Details of The Day:


Saturday, April 27, 2019

Payment Deadline:

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Time for each activity:

9 am – 12 pm Film
1 pm –  3 pm Luncheon

What to wear:

1880’s – 1920’s

Costumes admired, but not required.

Film Location:

The Historic
Grand Cinema

606 Fawcett Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98402

Luncheon Location:

Olive Branch Cafe & Tea Room
2501 East “D” Street
Tacoma,WA 98402

If you make a Luncheon Reservation, the cost of the Movie Premiere is included,
whether you attend the film or not.

If you only wish to attend the Movie Premiere,
choose the “Movie Premiere Only” button directly below.

Scroll through the images all the way to the bottom, before making your luncheon selection. Use the
PayPal button/s below to make your FIRST choice. Paypal will open. Top RIGHT will say
“Continue Shopping”; click that and it will bring you back to this page for your NEXT selection. 
Otherwise,  proceed to “Check Out” ….

Movie Premiere Only:

Sherlockian: Movie-Only
Name/s of Attendee/s

Our afternoon will be spent in the splendid and elegant surroundings of “William Gillette’s home.” View the photos below.  Here you will find a cozy ambiance to converse with friends as you savor your repast!

Luncheon Pricing (Movie Premiere Included)

“Queen’s Tea”:


  • Soup or salad
  • Four mini sandwiches
  • Chocolate-dipped seasonal fruit
  • Mini desserts
  • Appetizer
  • Sorbet
  • Scone with lemon curd, clotted cream, & jam
  • Pot of tea of your choice

Sherlockians Queen Tea & Movie
Name/s of Attendee/s

“Afternoon Tea”:


  • Three mini sandwiches
  • Fruit
  • Mini desserts
  • Scone with lemon curd, clotted cream, & jam
  • Your choice of coffee or tea

Sherlockians Afternoon Tea & Movie
Name/s of Attendee/s

“Sandwich with Soup/Salad,
or Gluten-Free Salad Lunch”:


  • 1/2 Turkey sandwich *
  • Soup or salad
  • Mango sorbet
  • Coffee, tea, or soft drink

Sherlockian 1/2 Turkey & Movie
Name/s of Attendee/s

OR >

  • 1/2 Veggie sandwich *
  • Soup
  • Mango sorbet
  • Coffee, tea, or soft drink

1/2 Veggie & Movie
Name/s of Attendee/s

OR >

  • Gluten-free grilled chicken salad (romaine with tomatoes and olives)
  • Mango sorbet
  • Coffee, tea or soft drink

Sherlockian Gluten Free & Movie
Name/s of Attendee/s

* Gluten-free Franz’s Seeded or 7-Grain Bread available upon request.

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We hope you have decided to join us for our Somewhere in Time, Unlimited Spring Event! 

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LadyPatricia “at”

Should you have any Financial-related questions, please email:
Treasurer “at”

Until we meet again….

Updated March 7, 2019

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